Combine appliqué and embroidery techniques to create your very own masterpiece

Embroidery & Applique

In this workshop we will guide and show you how to make an easy stitched wall hanging embroidery hoop with elements of appliqué. It’s quick to make and ideal if you are new to embroidery. We will teach you 5 basic stitches which are most commonly used in embroidery to help you achieve a stunning design to take home.

This is a great, fun and relaxing workshop.

Age: Under 12s require adult supervision
Duration: 90mins
Location: Manor only

Which Design will you Choose?

Thimblewood have made 3 designs exclusively for the Manor & Ashbury Resorts.

In your session you can choose from: ‘Devon Seaside Scene’, ‘Mushroom Woods’ or ‘Wildflower Meadow’.

Each kits contains everything you will need to complete your piece including: Good quality printed fabric panel with background fabric and appliqué elements, quality embroidery threads , 6″ wooden embroidery hoop, all beads and sequins, bondaweb and any other trims needed to complete the design. Plus a card sheet of pattern pieces ready to cut.

We also offer seasonal themed sessions throughout the year. Last Christmas we featured a festive robin –  the perfect winter decor addition for your home.

The History of Embroidery and Appliqué

Embroidery and appliqué have rich histories dating back thousands of years.

Embroidery, believed to originate around 30,000 BCE, served as a means of embellishment and storytelling in various civilisations worldwide, from Ancient Egypt to China’s Han Dynasty. Meanwhile, appliqué emerged in diverse forms across cultures, with evidence dating back to ancient Mediterranean civilisations. This technique to create intricate designs has been integral to cultural traditions, religious ceremonies, and textile artistry.

Together, embroidery and appliqué continue to captivate and inspire creativity across the globe and we’re pleased to be a small part of that.

“I tried the Christmas robin embroidery. I’ve never hand-sewn before, but found it the most relaxing and enjoyable time of the week. A perfect holiday as usual” | Debra

“The best bit was getting to spend time with my daughter and making things we didn’t know we were capable of.” | Jennifer

“Love them all, but especially the mushrooms woods” | Evelyn