Oakwood – 5502 Yards, Par 68

Boasting incredible views across Dartmoor, Oakwood is a course you should not underestimate. With its well positioned ponds and bunkers providing the opportunity of risk and reward golf, this is a thinking golfers course.

Signature Hole – Oakwood 7th

With the fairway sloping right to left, a drive down the right side should release to the centre. On the approach to the green, golfers must be aware of a pond on the left side of the hole.

Oakwood 1st

Par 4
Distance 184m
Distance 220m
Distance 223m

A straight forward par 4 but only if the danger lurking all around is avoided. The out of bounds to the left and the tree ponds await any wayward tee shot. To score well choose the straightest club in your bag, leaving an easy pitch into the green. Two putts and your round is off to a steady start.

Oakwood 2nd

Par 4
Distance 388m
Distance 414m
Distance 426m

Tee shots need to be hit slightly to the right of the marker post to avoid running into the string of bunkers down the left-hand side. Beware of the one bunker if you stray too far right.

Oakwood 3rd

Par 4
Distance 269m
Distance 290m
Distance 300m

A carry of 100 yds will easily clear the pond in front of the tee. Because of the long narrow green, your approach shot is made easier if coming from the left side of the fairway.

Oakwood 4th

Par 4
Distance 292m
Distance 321m
Distance 328m

Choose a club to avoid the sand at 150 yds and the pond at 250 yds from the tee. This sets up an inviting approach shot.

Oakwood 5th

Par 4
Distance 146m
Distance 166m
Distance 179m

Club selection and line on this tee are all important. The prevailing wind from the left may not always be apparent on the sheltered tee. Shots hit to the right will run and run away from the green.

Oakwood 6th

Par 4
Distance 235m
Distance 265m
Distance 270m

Avoiding the large, deep sand trap to the right of the green may well set up a birdie chance on the shortest par 4 on the course. An iron off the tee shot should leave an easier approach chip to this three tiered green.

Oakwood 7th

Par 4
Distance 378m
Distance 416m
Distance 429m

A picturesque and tricky par 4 that drops some 51 feet over the length. After you have heard the bell for the ‘all clear’ a drive over the marker post will place you in a good position for your approach shot. Remember to ring the ball as you pass. Balls hit short of the green are likely to run in from the right.

Oakwood 8th

Par 3
Distance 150m
Distance 169m
Distance 176m

A most inviting par 3, well-guarded by three sand traps. Help could be gained by the use of the bank. Better to be right than left. Double check wind speed and direction, as this tee is very sheltered.

Oakwood 9th

Par 4
Distance 376m
Distance 396m
Distance 404m

A good long par 4 that drops some 54 feet from tee to green. Avoid the sand trap on the left with your drive at 192 yds to the green. Approach shots hit slightly short should run down the hill and over the revetted steps.

Oakwood 10th

Par 3
Distance 188m
Distance 202m
Distance 215m

A long downhill par 3 with trouble on the right. Landing a ball just beyond and to the left of the first bunker should release onto the green. Keep an eye out for those teeing off the 11th tee as you pass around the green.

Oakwood 11th

Par 5
Distance 366m
Distance 440m
Distance 446m

This dogleg, uphill, par 5 rises some 60 feet from tee to green and thus, plays longer than the card indicates. The percentage play is to drive somewhere around the marker post. Lay up your second to the flat area on the left of the pond leaving a mid iron shot to the green.

Oakwood 12th

Par 4
Distance 365m
Distance 407m
Distance 417m

The green on this downhill par 4 remains hidden until you are within 110 yds so make sure you check the green before playing your approach shot. The hole drops some 72 feet over its length. Remember to ring the bell as you leave the green.

Oakwood 13th

Par 3
Distance 138m
Distance 151m
Distance 161m

Aim slightly to the left and short of the green on this short but tricky par 3. This will allow for the slope of the land. Take great care on this undulating green, as it can easily become a three-putt hole.

Oakwood 14th

Par 4
Distance 281m
Distance 340m
Distance 355m

An uphill par 4, rising some 48 feet from tee to green. To reach the green in two, it is essential that your drive finds the fairway. IF your drive is not long and straight, use the open area in front of your green to place your lay-up. This should leave an easy up and down.

Oakwood 15th

Par 4
Distance 208m
Distance 248m
Distance 256m

The percentage shot here is not to try and drive the green. Play two short to mid irons to reach in safety and avoid the water.

Oakwood 16th

Par 3
Distance 117m
Distance 172m
Distance 212m

A testing par 3. The safer shot is to favour the left side of the green. Shots hit right are more than likely to find trouble.

Oakwood 17th

Par 5
Distance 430m
Distance 494m
Distance 507m

A good uphill par 5. Tee shots should be hit down the edge of the fairway, as they will run left to right. Keep your second shot slightly to the left of the marker post.

Oakwood 18th

Par 3
Distance 126m
Distance 188m
Distance 198m

A good finishing par 3. Beware of the out of bounds down the left hand side.