Pines – 6400 Yards, Par 72

The front nine, with its wide fairways and gentle slopes, offers you the opportunity to score well. The back nine, with its tree-lined fairways, requires thought and accuracy to maintain a good score.

Signature Hole – Pines 18th

A long sweeping par 5 that doglegs to the left–will you risk a long shot over the pine trees?

Pines 1st

Par 4
Distance 360m
Distance 406m
Distance 430m

A wide fairway which slopes left to right as you approach the green. An approach from the left of the fairway should keep you away from the greenside bunker to the right.

Pines 2nd

Par 3
Distance 141m
Distance 166m
Distance 181m

A straightforward downhill par three, dropping 30 feet from tee to green. Watch out for the shallow grass gully at the front of the green and the tricky bunker at the back.

Pines 3rd

Par 4
Distance 335m
Distance 391m
Distance 411m

A tricky par four. The ditch at 261yards (from the white) and the bunkers before this, means that placement off the tee is essential. Approach shots hit to the right should run down.

Pines 4th

Par 4
Distance 238m
Distance 261m
Distance 270m

Although not lengthy this is not an easy par four. The hole rises 24 feet over its length. Either lay-up before the trees for a safe chip shot or go for it with a wood but beware of the three lakes to the right.

Pines 5th

Par 3
Distance 140m
Distance 170m
Distance 180m

A picturesque downhill par three dropping 38 feet from tee to green. With the position of the lake the safe shot is left of the pin. However too long and the bunker at the back is waiting.

Pines 6th

Par 5
Distance 392m
Distance 441m
Distance 452m

A fairly wide par five but beware of out of bounds down the right hand side of the hole. Watch out for the ditch at about 200 yards (from the yellow marker). The green is well protected by bunkers.

Pines 7th

Par 4
Distance 300m
Distance 343m
Distance 368m

A pleasant wide fairway. Hugging the right of the fairway will open up the green for your approach shot.

Pines 8th

Par 4
Distance 341m
Distance 378m
Distance 400m

Keep your drive down the left side and the ball will naturally release towards the centre of the fairway. Beware of the two pot bunkers to the right of the green and the one at the back.

Pines 9th

Par 4
Distance 270m
Distance 322m
Distance 340m

Keep your drive to the right of the fairway and away from the lakes. The approach shot needs to take account of the pin position for the day – putting can be awkward with three levels of green.

Pines 10th

Par 4
Distance 325m
Distance 360m
Distance 378m

A long par 4 with out of bound to the left. However, left of centre on the fairway makes for an easier approach shot.

Pines 11th

Par 4
Distance 310m
Distance 356m
Distance 374m

Played into the prevailing wind. Two very good shots are required to reach the green in two. Be aware of out of bounds to the left and the large sand trap guarding the front of the green.

Pines 12th

Par 5
Distance 410m
Distance 458m
Distance 478m

An interesting par 5 with out of bounds along the left. Hugging the right of the fairway with your second shot will open up the green for your approach shot.

Pines 13th

Par 3
Distance 148m
Distance 164m
Distance 178m

This is a good par 3 to take on the pin position. Be aware if the pin is to the right hand side fo the green as there are three pot bunkers ready to catch you out.

Pines 14th

Par 5
Distance 412m
Distance 495m
Distance 520m

With no chance of cutting the dogleg, two good shots are needed to take you to the turn 418 yds from the white tee. Leaving a shot of between 100-140 yds to the green.

Pines 15th

Par 4
Distance 233m
Distance 280m
Distance 306m

A short par 4 with a widening fairway, should give you confidence off the tee. Although a good size green, it is guarded by two bunkers in front, and any approach shot too long could well end up out of bounds.

Pines 16th

Par 3
Distance 139m
Distance 160m
Distance 170m

Although one of our shortest par 3s, there is no room for any wayward tee shots. This hole is guarded down both sides by large pine trees and is a great test of accuracy.

Pines 17th

Par 4
Distance 404m
Distance 430m
Distance 442m

A wide welcoming fairway will build confidence from the tee. As the fairway narrows towards the green the approach shot is paramount. Anything wayward will be punished by OB to the right and trees and pond to the left.

Pines 18th

Par 5
Distance 403m
Distance 495m
Distance 522m

This par 5 requires two very good shots to get close to the green. Keeping your drive to the right should help your second shot. The percentage play is to lay-up short of the green to allow you a nice chip shot into a very well protected green.