Activity App – Coming Soon!

After several years of planning and development, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our NEW Activity App is coming in 2024.

How will it work?

  1. The lead booker of your group will receive a notification to download our app from their usual app store.
  2. The activity programme for your stay will be ready 2 weeks prior to arrival.
  3. The lead booker must create an account.
  4. They will then add the details of each individual.
    (at this point the lead booker can choose to either book all activities themselves, or send each group member an invitation to download the app and book their own).
  5. Simply browse through the activities available – you can click for more information on each
  6. Confirm your activity choices & pay any applicable charges.
  7. You can add more activities at a later date.


  1. You can view and book activities prior to arrival – so you never have to miss your favourites.
  2. Your programme will be safely stored within the app
  3. You can choose to receive reminders for activities on the day
  4. You can’t accidentally double book yourself
  5. Large groups can see what each other have booked and where they are

Why do we charge for some activities?

Our mission is for you to have the best possible break when you stay with us. This means having skilled tutors and the best possible facilities and equipment. Over recent years, we have absorbed the rising costs of these offerings. However, to continue providing you with the exceptional service you expect, we have had to make the difficult decision to charge for SOME activities and facilities. This will take effect once our new app is launched in 2024.

The vast majority of facilities will still incur NO CHARGES, and those that do will generally range from £1 – £5.
(Please follow the link below to see what is included).

Your understanding is greatly appreciated, and we hope you enjoy the long-term benefits that this will have on your time with us.