3G Pitch | Ashbury Resort

Play like the professionals on our 3G Pitch. Our 100m x 64m 3G Sports Pitch has been fully accredited by both the Football Association (FA) and World Rugby (WRU). Making it suitable for all levels of rugby and football, including top level matches.

Third Generation (3G) pitches represent synthetic turf and offer a number of exciting benefits. 3G looks like natural grass and has similar playing characteristics. It is non-abrasive and means less risk of injury. The 3G surface provides better ball control and can be enjoyed in all weathers.

MUGA Pitch | Ashbury Resort

The Ashbury 3G pitch is complemented by a Multi-Use Gaming Area (MUGA).

Our MUGA is 91m x 54m and is the primary venue for our outdoor team sports. It features a 275m running track too.

An indoor sports hall is available at Ashbury as an alternative team sports venue.

Outdoor Pitch | Manor Resort

As well as the Moorview field the Manor Resort also has an outdoor sports pitch. The pitch is ideal for a variety of team sports. It’s often used for organised activities during school holidays and can be hired for your own use at other times.

An indoor sports hall and basketball hall are available as an alternative team sports venues.

Moorview Field | Manor Resort

Our 6-acre field at the Manor Resort is a stunning spot to enjoy a variety of team sports.

Soak in the stunning views of Dartmoor while playing football, rounders and continuous cricket to name a few. The field also has plenty of space for spectators, with picnic benches and deckchairs available.

Part of a club or group?

Did you know you can hire our pitches? You can book our pitches for regular training sessions, to host tournaments or even as a pre-season training camp. Whatever your needs, our designated event team are ready to create the perfect trip for you.