Padel is one of the fastest growing sports across the world right now. It is a fast-paced, social racket sport that is often described as a mix between tennis and squash. Predominantly played as doubles, padel is suitable for anyone to play and it’s easy to learn the basic skills.

We are pleased to announce that we are the first UK Hotel with 4 Indoor Padel Courts – 2 at The Manor and 2 at Ashbury. A third court is now open at Ashbury too, which is exclusively available for singles matches.

What is Padel?

Padel is an innovative form of tennis that’s fun, easy to learn and extremely sociable. Played as doubles on a glass-enclosed court, padel can be enjoyed by groups of mixed ages and abilities – great for families and friends looking to spend time together.

Let’s Play!

Hire one of our state-of-the-art indoor padel courts during your next break for just £5 per hour.
The hire charge includes equipment for 4 players and use of one court for 60 minutes.

Please visit reception to book a court during your stay.
(Please note non-refundable payment must be made at the time of booking.)

Guest Feedback

“Fantastic Courts, Great Game and Top-Notch Racket and Balls – A Great addition to the Manor & Ashbury. Superb surface, best indoor padel court surface that I have played on in the UK.”

Dalton Party

Padel Breaks

We have big plans for padel tennis breaks, and over the next few months we will be working towards offering Padel Coaching Holidays. These breaks will be perfect for beginners and new players. Padel coaching breaks will cover the rules of play, basic techniques, and tactics – plus the opportunity to play matches with like-minded padel fans.

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How to Play Padel…


  • Play begins with an underhand serve from the right service court into the opponent’s court diagonally across.
  • The server must allow the ball to bounce once before hitting it below waist level.
  • The serve must land in the opponents service box. If the ball bounces in the service box and strikes the side or back wall, it’s a valid serve and must be played by the opposing player. If the ball lands in the service box and hits the  wire fencing it’s considered a fault.
  • You have two chances to serve.
  • The server must keep at least one foot on the ground when hitting a serve. The servers feet may not touch or cross the service line.
  • You must serve underhand.


The following are Fairplay siutations.

  • The court lines are considered in play only during the initial serve, otherwise, they’re not a factor in determining the outcome of each point in the game between opposing players.
  • All players are permitted to play a ball off any wall on their own side of the court.

Loss of Point

The opposition will lose a point if:

  • The ball bounces twice in any area on your side of the court
  • The ball is out of bounds (hits wire fencing, post or other fixtures before going over the net or landing in opponent’s court)
  • The ball strikes you or a teammate in play

Overhand Strokes

The ball can be taken out of the air by any player except on the initial serve and return of serve.

How Do I Win?

Scoring works the same as tennis. Most of the time, padel matches are played in the best-of-three format, meaning that two sets need to be won in order to win the match.