Create one-of-a-kind artwork with a functional use.

Glass Slumping

Create your very own stand-alone unique art piece for your home.

Start by decorating your glass blank with frit, stringers, noodles and fusable paints. Glass slumping is perfect for any occasion. You can create something to use and display all year round, or why not choose to design a seasonal piece, perfect for Christmas.

Once complete your piece will be fired in the kiln overnight. The following day our tutors will place your fused piece into a ceramic mould, ready for slumping. Your finished piece will be ready for collection on Day 3 at 11am.

Age: Under 12’s Need Supervision
Duration: 90mins
Location: Manor only

The Clever Bit…

For glass to fuse together without cracking or breaking apart, they must have similar properties (the same coefficient of expansion) when they heat up and cool down. When these compatible glass pieces are fused together they create the impressive patterns you have designed. Glass slumping is a process that uses gravity and heat from the kiln to reshape your fused project.

“I absolutely loved the glass slumping when I was down before Christmas” | Lynda

“The craft staff are friendly, patient and very helpful. Thank you for another craft filled break” | Katrina

“Have been visiting for many years now and have tried everything. I keep coming back to try new ones” | Debra