First discovered centuries ago, we’ve updated the techniques of decorative wood burning by using a pen-like tool to create contemporary designs.


During the session you will learn to use fire-writers to create your own customised item. We offer an extensive range of wooden products to choose from including, jewellery boxes, chopping boards, coat hangers and plant pots. You can draw your own design freehand, or you can choose to trace one from our extensive library of images.

Age: 12+
Duration: 90mins
Location: Manor & Ashbury

Workshop Steps

The picture opposite demonstrates the basic steps to create your piece.

Begin by either tracing a design on to your chosen product, or drawing free-hand, if you feel confident to do so. We have a HUGE stock of images available to choose from if you opt to trace your design – you can always add more customisations later.

You will then begin to etch your design, and add more detail using the fire-writing pen. (Don’t worry, you will begin by practicing basic fire-writing techniques on offcuts of wood before moving on to your final piece.)

Finally you can add a splash of colour to your item using paints, if you wish to. The choice is yours!

“Pyrography is my favourite! It’s addictive and you have such a good range of items to decorate!” | Cara

“Pyrography was my favourite. I took 3 classes last time” | Becky

“Since doing this at Ashbury, I’ve bought myself a kit. Now I’m obsessed. Love it.” | Celia

The History of Pyrography

The name pyrography is derived from the Greek words “pur” (fire) and “graphos” (writing).Its origins trace back to ancient civilisations like the Egyptians and Chinese. They used hot metal to embellish wooden objects. Throughout history, pyrography evolved, finding its place in various cultures as a decorative technique. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it gained popularity as a hobby and art form, with artists using specialised tools for intricate designs.