Foot Golf

Have you heard our fantastic news? Footgolf is now available at the Ashbury Resort. We have recently converted our Willows course making it the perfect venue for resort guests and local residents to enjoy the exciting sport of footgolf. Take in breathtaking views of Dartmoor, while having fun with friends as you compete on our footgolf course during your next visit.

What is Footgolf?

For those who don’t know, FootGolf is played on a golf course, but instead of a golf ball, a football is kicked into custom-made larger holes. Like golf, the object of the game is to complete the course using the fewest possible shots. The course at Ashbury is now available to book for Footgolf at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday | 2pm – 6pm
  • Saturday | 7.30am – 6pm


  • FREE to Resort Residents
  • Visitor Adult £10
  • Visitor U18’s £5

To Book email – Golfshop@manorashbury.co.uk or call us on 01837 55742


  • Dress – Casual
  • Shoes – Astros/Trainers – No football boots – please check the Footwear Guide
  • No bad language – please respect other players on the course
  • No alcohol allowed on the course
  • No practice kicks on the course
  • Do not kick off until the group ahead are clear of the green
  • Football – supplied if required – lost balls will be charged at £10
  • Maintain a good pace, please allow the group behind through if they are waiting


  • Play will be in groups of up to 6 players
  • Players must play from the ‘teeing zones’ – only approved tees are allowed
  • The ‘green zone’ is within a 3 metre distance from the hole
  • To start all kick from the tee, one at a time. Then play in order of who is furthest away from the hole
  • The person with the best score on the previous hole kicks first on the next hole
  • Scoring (same as golf), every kick to count & no placing / moving the ball
  • Maximum score is 10 for each hole


  • Wait for the ball to come to a complete stop before your next kick
  • Kicking the ball – this must be done in a single motion and the soles of the foot may not be used
  • Marking the ball – when your ball obstructs the line of another player then the ball may be marked with a small object no larger than 60mm
  • Play the ball from where it lies (or take a one kick penalty drop within 2 steps of the nearest point of relief)
  • Beyond the perimeter hedge is out of bounds. If you kick the ball over, please retrieve it and play from where you last kicked
  • If your ball comes to rest near a protected tree, move it 1 pace away for no penalty

English Open 2023

We are thrilled to be hosting the 2023 English Open FootGolf Competition 24th – Sunday 27th August 2023

For more information, or to register your interest please follow the link below to sign up as a member of the FootGolf Association of England. (Becoming a member is free of charge).

Join the FootGolf Association

FootGolf Open Packages