Beeches – 5671 Yards, Par 68

Truly an idyllic course meandering through the trees, with the 3rd offering a golfing spectacle, with a triple tier fairway dropping 180 feet, from tee to green.

Signature Hole – Pines 12th

From the tee, crafted man-made mounds flank the hole, with the green framed in the middle. There is a stunning backdrop of Dartmoor with ‘Sourton Tor’ and ‘Yes Tor’ visible.

Beeches 1st

Par 4
Distance 353m
Distance 379m
Distance 389m

A wide welcoming fairway for your drive. Keep your approach shot right of the green to avoid the left bunker and allow the ball to run back in.

Beeches 2nd

Par 3
Distance 156m
Distance 173m
Distance 185m

An interesting par 3 cut into the side of the hill. Shots right are often rewarded but avoid the left at all cost.

Beeches 3rd

Par 4
Distance 336m
Distance 355m
Distance 375m

A mid iron from the tee is recommended as this hole drops 180 feet over its total length. A level stance for your approach shot should then be found on one of the three plateaux, remember that the ball will stop quickly when dropping.

Beeches 4th

Par 4
Distance 351m
Distance 385m
Distance 419m

One of the hardest holes on the complex a long tee shot finding the fairway is a must to get a par, keeping to the left side greatly improves the chance. The three tiered green needs at least one extra club to reach it.

Beeches 5th

Par 4
Distance 318m
Distance 348m
Distance 375m

Stay left hand side of the fairway with your tee shot to allow your ball to run down to the right. This leaves you a shot into the green with a bank at the back, helping any shots too long to run back towards the green.

Beeches 6th

Par 4
Distance 275m
Distance 299m
Distance 336m

A drive of 210yds is needed to reach the top of the ridge and see the green, the hole then descends to the green. A ditch starting 78yds from the green will catch any wayward tee shots hit too long. Good chance of a par.

Beeches 7th

Par 4
Distance 395m
Distance 395m
Distance 406m

Getting through the gap is key to scoring well on this hole. Anything short and left or right will leave a long blind shot to this large green. Longer tee shots fading right may well be caught by the OB.

Beeches 8th

Par 3
Distance 155m
Distance 179m
Distance 202m

Good chance of a par on this straight forward par 3. Bunkers around the side and back wait for any tee shots too long. Try to find the correct level of this two tiered green to make a par.

Beeches 9th

Par 4
Distance 289m
Distance 307m
Distance 335m

A hole that starts narrow then opens up 150yds from the green. Try to stay to the right side of the fairway with the tee shot to see all the green.

Beeches 10th

Par 3
Distance 158m
Distance 182m
Distance 198m

A long flat par 3 which require a well hit long iron to reach putting surface any wayward shots will be punished by green side grass bunkers.

Beeches 11th

Par 5
Distance 400m
Distance 474m
Distance 500m

A straight forward drive followed by a difficult second shot to a narrowing fairway guarded by two ponds. The hole rises steeply over the last 150yds, so take at least one or two clubs extra to reach the green.

Beeches 12th

Par 3
Distance 142m
Distance 167m
Distance 177m

This picturesque par 3 with stunning views of Dartmoor in the background is surrounded by mounds along its length. Don’t go long and down the steep bank at the back.

Beeches 13th

Par 4
Distance 272m
Distance 325m
Distance 342m

Your tee shot line on this hole is tight to the right hand tree line. This will allow your ball to run down to the left leaving a good line into the green. Any tee shot drifting left, will be caught by the ditch.

Beeches 14th

Par 4
Distance 318m
Distance 342m
Distance 377m

Two mid irons will see you safely onto this par 4 green. Anything slightly right will kick into the trees or out of bounds. The 3 tiered green makes the approach shot crucial to avoid disaster on the dance floor.

Beeches 15th

Par 3
Distance 127m
Distance 141m
Distance 151m

Careful club selection is needed to go over the valley and land on the green, especially as the hole can sometimes appear sheltered. Anything wayward will leave a tricky chip, although some help might be gained from the banks.

Beeches 16th

Par 5
Distance 401m
Distance 458m
Distance 470m

This par 5 demands considerable respect. The line from the tee should be over or slightly to the left of the marker post. Then take a mid iron to lay up. This should put you in good shape for your approach to the green.

Beeches 17th

Par 4
Distance 260m
Distance 306m
Distance 321m

A short but tight par 4. A mid to long iron off the tee is recommended. Approach shots when hit to the left will release onto the green off the bank.

Beeches 18th

Par 3
Distance 103m
Distance 165m
Distance 180m

An attractive uphill par 3 played across 2 ponds set in a valley. It will require one club longer than the distance. Take care to see which level the pin is on as the ball will not run too far.