Kigbeare – 6528 Yards, Par 72

With rolling fairways, large undulating greens with strategically placed bunks, water hazards and well-designed risk and reward holes, it offers a challenge and is perfect for players of all levels.

Signature Hole – Kigbeare 16th

Everything you would expect and more. A difficult uphill drive over water, followed by a testing layup will leave your third shot facing an eighty-foot drop to the green.

Kigbeare 1st

Par 4
Distance 327m
Distance 340m
Distance 344m

A gentle downhill opening hole to get you into the swing of things. The sensible play is an iron down the right side of the fairway, leaving a short iron to the inviting green. Your approach shot is much better short than long as going through the green is fraught with danger with bunkers and slopes. Two putts and your round is underway with a steady par.

Kigbeare 2nd

Par 4
Distance 269m
Distance 352m
Distance 414m

A very tight par 4 with out of bounds along the right hand side, dividing the second and seventeenth holes. Tee shots hit to the left side of the fairway leave a better chance of reaching the green in regulation.

Kigbeare 3rd

Par 3
Distance 138m
Distance 177m
Distance 205m

This hole requires a long straight tee shot of 185 yds to clear Hookmoor brook. Too far right or left and you will either be in the trees or out of bounds.

Kigbeare 4th

Par 4
Distance 248m
Distance 269m
Distance 288m

This hole offers the chance of going for the green with a drive right side of the fairway, close to the trees. The ball will then release towards the green. Watch for the OB on the right of the fairway and back of the green. Check signal arm to make sure green is clear.

Kigbeare 5th

Par 4
Distance 300m
Distance 346m
Distance 366m

A gentle dogleg left needs only an iron off the tee. Any long drive risks being pushed towards the trees by the sloping fairway and out of bounds. Longer hitters will need to draw the ball round the trees which are too close to go over.

Kigbeare 6th

Par 4
Distance 355m
Distance 401m
Distance 514m

Be aware of the open ditches either side of the fairway at 219 yds from the white marker with your tee shot, and the deeper wider one at 55 yds short of the green with your second shot.

Kigbeare 7th

Par 3
Distance 152m
Distance 205m
Distance 215m

As with all par threes hitting the green with your tee shot is preferable, but being short on this hole is better than landing on the steep banks to the left or catching the large tree to the right.

Kigbeare 8th

Par 4
Distance 374m
Distance 403m
Distance 429m

Be careful of the out of bounds to the left that narrows at about 250 yds from the white marker. Make sure you look at the days pin position on this two tiered green to give yourself a chance at par.

Kigbeare 9th

Par 5
Distance 388m
Distance 455m
Distance 422m

As with the 6th and 8th, try to stay out of the trees left and right that are not staked and will cost you shots. Good club selection without trying to gain yardage will give you more than good chance to par this excellent par 5.

Kigbeare 10th

Par 5
Distance 400m
Distance 483m
Distance 514m

A long shot of 178 yds, over the ditch keeping right of the fairway opens up the rest of the hole. Hit the second shot left side of the fairway to keep away from the trees leaving the best approach to the green.

Kigbeare 11th

Par 4
Distance 352m
Distance 383m
Distance 415m

A tee shot over the ditch of 203 yds is required to reach the green in regulation. Keep centre or left side of the fairway. The raised green is well guarded by grassy mounds and will require a club extra to reach it.

Kigbeare 12th

Par 3
Distance 176m
Distance 204m
Distance 216m

Those hoping to pitch it on the green must go over the trees. The safe shot is right of the trees and let the slope push the ball onto the green. Be wary of going for it if the pin is on the left – a steep bank and bunker await.

Kigbeare 13th

Par 4
Distance 309m
Distance 336m
Distance 365m

A wide fairway but check where the pin position is before you leave the tee as you be unsighted for your second downhill shot. Any shots hit just short of the green should roll on. Anything long will run down a steep bank.

Kigbeare 14th

Par 5
Distance 395m
Distance 442m
Distance 450m

A drive along the right side of the fairway should leave the ball in the middle of the fairway when it comes to the rest. Big hitters need to watch out for the ditch. Keep second shots right of the green.

Kigbeare 15th

Par 4
Distance 338m
Distance 372m
Distance 382m

A straight drive up the wide fairway will leave an uphill, second shot to a raised green. Take at least one more club than usual, especially if the wind is blowing, but watch out for the pond at the back.

Kigbeare 16th

Par 5
Distance 420m
Distance 534m
Distance 546m

A drive right side of the fairway followed by a second shot right of the Oak tree is needed to reach the plateau overlooking the valley. Target golf is then required to hit the green. Use the viewing platform provided for clear visability.

Kigbeare 17th

Par 3
Distance 134m
Distance 160m
Distance 172m

Well guarded par 3 with out of bounds behind, left and right. Club selection is vital to ensure a good score.

Kigbeare 18th

Par 4
Distance 256m
Distance 290m
Distance 300m

Rising some 66 feet over the total length, this par 4 often requires one club longer than the distance suggests for the approach shot. Be aware of the out of bound to the left.