We have over 1000 moulds available for slip casting including planters, vases, teapots, money boxes and ornaments.

On day one, your tutor will talk you through the process of slip casting (using plaster moulds and a clay/water mixture). After leaving your piece to dry for 3 hours you will remove your work from the mould and fettle the edges and seam. Your piece will be left overnight to dry.

You can also choose to hand-build a product, however this process takes longer, so we advise starting as early as possible in your break. Our tutors will demonstrate various methods including coil building, pinch pottery, slab building and free modelling.

On day 2 you will decorate your pottery using under-glaze or acrylics. Our tutors will demonstrate different methods including: clear glaze, underglaze, sgraffito, mixing colours, brush strokes and creating patterns and textures. Once finished your piece will be kiln dried overnight for collection on day 3.

Age restriction: Under 14’s must be supervised by an adult
Resort: Manor
Workshop Duration: 2/3 Days

Bisque Painting

If your time is limited, we have 100s of bisqueware items pre-made in our craft shop ready for you to decorate in your own time. There is no need to book a workshop time for bisque painting, just head to the craftshop between 9am-5pm to get started.