Guest Information

After, what has been, a very challenging two years we are pleased that situation is finally more settled and we are now open fully. That said, Covid-19 is still with us and means there are still some challenges ahead. Some of the procedures and policies that were introduced due to Covid-19 will be continued. We appreciate your understanding and consideration at this time and would ask you to read the following information and make sure everyone in your group is up-to-date on how the Resorts are operating:

  • Our own isolation requirements along with recruitment shortages mean that service may be a little slower than we normally strive to deliver to our guests however we would like to reassure you that the Hotel is fully operational
  • Hand sanitiser is available throughout the complex – please use it regularly
  • If you should feel unwell or test positive whilst you are staying at the Hotel, for the safety of yourselves, others and our staff, we would recommend that you vacate the premises. We would advise all our guests to take out their own holiday insurance to cover this type of eventuality.
  • You no longer need to wear face coverings but would advise that you do so in confined spaces.

Arrival & check-in

  • Please follow the signs to Reception where you will be provided with a Welcome Pack per room containing guest information, your room key and ID card. Rooms are available from 3pm.
  • You will be given your room key when you arrive however, we kindly ask that you DO NOT enter your room until 3pm. Our housekeeping teams work until 3pm and should you enter prior to this time we cannot guarantee the room will have been serviced.


Please note that, on arrival and departure days, lunches are £9.50 per adult and £4.75 per child for children under 11 years

Manor House Hotel

  • Tables will be allocated for larger groups of six or more for dinner, smaller groups will be un-allocated for ALL meals, breakfast, lunch and evening meal. We will operate on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis during these times. Please note we are unable to put groups of 6 or more on one large table. You will, however, be allocated individual tables next to each other.
  • Hand sanitisers are positioned on all tables and we would ask all guests to sanitise their hands before approaching the buffet and other areas in the dining room. MASKS – the wearing of face masks is optional.
  • If the dining room is busy, we will be operating a ‘buzzer system’ so that guests can retire to the bar lounges until they are notified that a table has become available.
  • Wine and drinks in the dining room will be available to order, and paid for, via our new ‘Ordery App’ in the evening.

Ashbury Hotel

  • Tables will remain allocated for breakfast and evening meal. As guests can have lunch at either hotel – tables will remain unallocated for this meal. Hand sanitisers are positioned on all tables and we would ask all guests to sanitise their hands before approaching the buffet and other areas in the dining room. MASKS – the wearing of face masks is optional.
  • Wine and drinks in the dining room will be available to order, and paid for, via our ‘Ordery App’ in the evening.


  • Guests can order, and collect drinks, directly from the bar. We would prefer contactless payment where possible or, alternatively, charge to your room.
  • Please note : Guests are not permitted to bring their own alcohol onto either site for their own consumption.

Available Activities/Facilities

  • Please be advised we no longer offer Painting & Sketching or Picture Framing. Jewellery making will only be available at the Ashbury Hotel during school holidays. In addition, we will no longer be offering our Hot Press Printing service from our craft shop. Please be advised that the Ashbury offers a reduced activity programme during non-peak times however guests are still able to book for activities at the Manor House.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances unfortunately, we CANNOT offer our POTTERY OR POTTERY THROWDOWN workshops at present. Where already programmed we will add additional workshops as replacements. We apologise for any inconvenience.
  • CRAFT CENTRE NOTICE – Please note our guests will NO LONGER BE PERMITTED TO BRING THEIR OWN ITEMS TO OUR CRAFT CENTRE. We would, however, like to remind guests that we have an extensive range of products available in our workshops at reasonable prices.

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

  • Housekeeping will NOT enter your room during your stay. Replenishment of bedroom refreshments and clean towels will be available from reception. Please leave any dirty towels in the bags provided outside your room. We have maintained this throughout Covid-19 and have decided, for the safety of both our guests and staff, to continue to not offer this service in order to reduce the risk of spread and infection.

General Points

  • MASKS – the wearing of face masks is optional.
  • HAND SANITISING STATIONS – will still be provided at hotel entrances and in reception areas for you to use.
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Please ensure you have read your confirmation thoroughly and that you have notified us of any information that may be relevant to your booking eg ground floor, shower only etc. If we are not notified prior to arrival then we may not be able to accommodate your request.
  • CHECK OUT – Please ensure your room is vacated by 10am on the day of departure and any outstanding balance on your room account is settled prior to departure.
  • CASH ON SITE – Cash will be accepted on site with the exception of the craft centre however we would ask guests to use contactless payment methods wherever possible.
  • CASH DEPOSITS – Please note that cash deposits are required at reception when borrowing equipment etc.
  • BILLING ITEMS TO YOUR ROOM – On your arrival day you are only able to bill items to your room after 3pm once you are resident. On your departure day we are unable to bill items to your room, these must be paid for by card.
  • DIETARY REQUIREMENTS – please ensure that you, or any members of your group (should they have any specific dietary needs) have submitted the dietary requirement form on our website prior to their arrival
  • GROUP BOOKINGS – Please forward the names of all members of your groups that we can allocate rooms accordingly. If we do not have this information, it could delay check-in on your day of arrival. You can submit this information by emailing Please include your reference number, the name of the guest and the type of room they require.

We thank you for your time in reading this and ask that you make sure all members of your group are aware of this information.

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