Short Tennis (or mini tennis as it is sometimes known), is an easy and fun way to get into playing racket sports. It is often considered a children’s game, but it is a great way for adults to keep fit too. The pace is slower than standard tennis, which is perfect for beginners. You can work on your technique and build confidence up over time, at a gentler speed.

How is Short Tennis Different?

Short tennis courts are smaller, with a smaller net, so you won’t need to run as far as you would on a standard tennis court. It also uses short rackets, often lighter and made of plastic and special short tennis balls. All these elements help to slow the pace of the game, making it easier for beginners and children to play.

Short Tennis at the Manor & Ashbury Resorts

We have a great choice of indoor short tennis courts available to use during your break. You can hire our courts to enjoy your own matches with family and friends or take part in our friendly competitions.

We have all the short tennis equipment you need available to hire. This includes short tennis rackets and spongey short tennis balls. There is no need to bring any equipment from home – unless you want to.

What are the benefits to Short Tennis?

Short tennis is a low impact sport, and super easy to learn. This makes it great for adults and children of all ages. We love promoting sports which allow families and friends to enjoy time together, and short tennis is a perfect example. Children, parents and even grandparents can enjoy a playing short tennis together.

There are great health benefits too. Even though short tennis is less energetic than the standard game, you still get the benefits of a great cardio workout, as well as working on your co-ordination and agility. Plus, we know that any kind of sport and exercise helps release endorphins so you will feel great both physically and mentally.

So why not give short tennis a go during your next break?!

Published On: 1 July 2024