Padel (yep ‘padel’ not ‘paddle’) is a fun and exciting new sport which is sweeping across the country and growing in popularity all the time. Widely described as a cross between squash and tennis, padel is great fun for players of all ages, as it is quick and easy to get to grips with. Many players will get the basics after just 30 minutes, so you don’t need any prior experience or skill – just head down and give it a try.

Unlike tennis, which is dominated by strength, technique and serve, padel is a sport that can be won by strategy and skilful ‘match-craft’, rather than just sheer strength and power. This means that men, women, and youth players can compete together. As family-friendly resorts this is a MASSIVE benefit for our guests, many of whom are looking to spend time together.

How is a padel court different?

As mentioned, there are elements of Squash and Tennis within the sport. Padel is played on an enclosed court surrounded by walls of glass and metallic mesh. A padel court is generally about one third of the size of a standard tennis court (20m x 10m), and, like tennis, has a net across the middle of the court. Like Squash, the ball can bounce of any wall, but it can only hit the ground once before being returned to the opponent’s side of the net.

padel tennis racket

What equipment is needed for padel tennis?

If you’re joining us to play padel – we provide all the equipment, you need. The padel ball is very similar looking to a tennis ball, but it has slightly less pressure. This means that it rebounds off surfaces slower, giving you more time to make your shot.

The bats are visibly different to tennis and squash rackets. Although smaller in size, the padel racket weighs more due to having a much thicker body. It is made from an EVA foam material with holes drilled into the hitting surface area. There are three different sizes that bats generally come in – round, drop-shaped and diamond shaped. We provide round bats as these are best for beginners and offer the most control. However, if you’re a seasoned player, you are welcome to bring your own bat along.

Padel tennis scoring

The rules and scoring are very similar to tennis. One of the major differences is the serve. In padel the ball must be served underarm. The other main difference, is of course, the fact that the ball can rebound off the back and sidewalls. This means that padel players will enjoy longer rallies than a standard tennis match. This makes the sport far more enjoyable for beginners. Points are won by strategic play.

Want to give padel a try?

If you’re wondering ‘where can I find a padel court near me’, you’re in luck.

Our courts are available to hire both to guests and nearby residents. Check out our padel page for more information. Did you know – we’re the first UK hotel to offer 4 indoor padel courts – perfect to play all year round.

We also recommend looking at the LTA Padel Tennis website. They have lots of handy tutorials and information on how to get started.

Published On: 18 October 2023