Nestled in the scenic countryside of Devon, Ashbury Golf Resort in Okehampton offers more than just world-class golfing experiences. Among its countless recreational activities, bicycle hire services stand out as a fantastic way to explore the beautiful surroundings. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or a casual rider, Ashbury Golf Resort provides a variety of bikes to hire, ensuring you have the perfect companion for your adventure.

Bicycle Hire Services at Ashbury Golf Resort

Ashbury Golf Resort’s bicycle hire services cater to all types of cyclists. We have a great choice of adult and child bikes, as well as electrically assisted adult bikes and tag-alongs. The resort prides itself on maintaining a fleet of high-quality bicycles, ensuring safety and comfort for all riders.

Day Rates

Standard Bike: £5 per bike + £20 returnable deposit
Electrically Assisted Bike: £10 per bike + £20 returnable deposit

Additionally, the packages include helmets, gloves, high-vis vest, tyre kit, lock (1 per group), and maps of local cycle paths, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Local Routes

Exploring the local area by bike is a delightful experience, thanks to the variety of local cycle paths available. You are welcome to take our bikes on any of our designated routes:

Granite Way: We also offer a drop-off and collection service to the famous Granite Way trail. This scenic 11-mile route offers stunning views of Dartmoor and the surrounding countryside. It’s perfect for families and casual cyclists, with a mostly flat terrain.

Waterhouse Hill: A great route for beginners at only 7 miles.

Northlew: A slightly more advanced route at 9 miles, this route’s points of interest include Durden Cross, The Green Dragon and Church of England.

Pegasus: A longer route at 17 miles, points of interest include Wigdon Mill, Wadland Barton and Maddaford Moor Halt Railway Platform

Roadford Lake: Our advanced route at 24.8 miles takes you to picturesque Roadford Lake via Germansweek and Ashbury Church.

Why Choose Bicycle Hire at Ashbury Golf Resort?

Opting for bicycle hire at Ashbury Golf Resort comes with numerous benefits:

  • Quality Bikes: The resort’s commitment to maintaining high-quality bikes ensures a smooth ride.
  • Convenient Location: With bike hire near you, accessing the stunning cycle routes around Okehampton is easy.
  • Affordable Rates: Competitive pricing makes it accessible for everyone to rent a bike.
  • Comprehensive Packages: The inclusion of helmets, locks, and maps adds value and convenience.
  • Expert Staff: Knowledgeable staff provide excellent customer service and local cycling tips.

Bicycle hire at Ashbury Golf Resort in Okehampton offers a fantastic way to explore the local area’s beauty and charm. With a range of bikes to hire, affordable rates, and access to some of Devon’s best cycle paths, it’s an activity not to be missed. So next time you’re at the resort, don’t hesitate to rent a cycle and embark on an unforgettable adventure through the stunning landscapes of Devon.

Published On: 3 June 2024