The Manor & Ashbury Resorts offer a unique retreat for sports enthusiasts, particularly those passionate about indoor bowls. With state-of-the-art facilities and a vibrant community, the resorts have become a haven for both seasoned players and beginners looking to immerse themselves in the game. Whether you’re searching for an “indoor bowls club near me” or aiming to participate in competitive matches, The Manor & Ashbury Resorts provide the perfect setting.

Indoor Bowls Facilities

The indoor bowls facilities are superb, boasting seven indoor rinks, ensuring that players of all levels can enjoy the sport throughout the year, regardless of the weather. Equipment is available to hire, or you are welcome to bring your own and store it in their convenient rink-side lockers.

We host competitions in all our different bowls sports – indoor bowls, short mat bowls, target bowls, new age bowls and even table bowls. All sessions begin with a brief explanation of the rules and are followed by a friendly competition with the chance to win a certificate. If your game needs a little improvement, or you’re looking for the best indoor bowls for beginners, coaching sessions are available for indoor bowls with our expert coach.

Part of a Club or Social Group?

We often host bowls groups looking for a short break or venue to host a tournament. We are happy to prearrange rink bookings prior to your stay, and even arrange matches with local clubs prior to your arrival. Our activities co-ordinator will liaise with you in advance to ensure everything is in place, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free bowls break.

Indoor Bowls Varieties

Indoor bowls come in several varieties, each with its unique appeal. At Manor & Ashbury Resorts, players can enjoy:

Short Mat Bowls: This variant is played on a smaller mat, making it suitable for limited spaces. It’s perfect for those looking to enjoy a quick game without the need for a full-sized rink.

Table Bowls: Essentially Bowls played on a snooker table! Using 2 ¼ inch bowls and a chute try and get closest to the jack using the bias whist learning to gain the right length. If you have great tactical awareness and a competitive edge, then this game is for you.

Target Bowls: This game focuses on accuracy and precision, challenging players to hit specific targets with their bowls.

New Age Bowls: Our version of New age Bowls involves aiming for a foam wedge with different scoring zones. The game is generally played in teams of no more than 4 players, and is great fun for all ages.

Each type of indoor bowl offers a different experience, catering to various preferences and skill levels. The diversity of options available at Manor & Ashbury ensures that every visitor can find a game that suits them.

Finding Indoor Bowls Near Me

For those new to the sport, finding a local indoor bowls club can be a daunting task. However, a simple search for “indoor bowls club near me” or “short mat bowls near me” can yield numerous results, pointing you toward local clubs and facilities. Manor & Ashbury Resorts are well-known in the area, often hosting local bowls groups during winter months.

Guests at Manor & Ashbury Resorts often rave about their experiences. The friendly community, expert coaching, and top-notch facilities make it an ideal place to enjoy indoor bowls. Many visitors appreciate our commitment to providing a supportive environment where players can enjoy bowls, relax and make lasting friendships.

Published On: 13 June 2024