A recent study asked 2,000 parents what they felt were the top signs of a successful family holiday. From laughing and making memories, to wanting to return right away, here is the full list of their findings:

1 Everyone having a good time
2 The kids want to go back
3 The children didn’t complain they were bored
4 Having lots of stories to share
5 Laughing more than you have in a long time
6 Talking about it for ages after
7 The kids are telling their friends about it
8 You recommend the resort to people
9 Your mind feels cleared
10 You don’t think about being back home
11 You hardly spent any time scrolling on your phone
12 You have hundreds of pics and videos on your phone
13 When people ask about it you have loads to share, rather than saying “It was good, thanks”
14 Kids were so busy they didn’t argue
15 Not thinking about work
16 You feel you got a good deal
17 You book another holiday at the same place right away
18 You can’t wait to tell your friends and work colleagues about it
19 You don’t miss your own bed
20 You feel like you need another holiday afterwards because it was so action-packed

Keeping Everyone Happy

Two thirds of those interviewed felt that finding a holiday destination that caters for everyone can be incredibly tricky. We completely understand what a daunting task it can be keeping everyone pleased – and that is why we offer such a great variety of activities and facilities across our two resorts. From golf and sports, to crafts and spa facilities – we have something for everyone.

Value for Money

One thing the majority of people (59%) agreed on was that finding a good value break with plenty of activities included is key – particularly with the current cost-of-living crisis. Alex Meyer from Butlins (who commissioned this research) noted: “What’s clear is that people want more for their money and want to feel they’re getting real value from their trip away.”

Why Choose Us?

This is an area where we excel. Here at the Manor and Ashbury Resorts we put a huge focus on offering as much as we can included in the price of your break. You can enjoy a huge choice of family activities at no extra cost – including our soft play areas, playgrounds, swimming pools, waterslides and adventure golf. Plus, of course, all our breaks include full board dining as standard. For more on everything that is included during your break please click here.

Book Today & Save!

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Published On: 8 January 2024