Welcome to our guide on the top ten family holiday activities at the Manor & Ashbury Resorts, where we explore the best family vacation ideas to ensure an unforgettable getaway for all ages. Whether you’re seeking the best family vacation for teenagers, the ultimate beach vacations for teens, or the perfect family fun vacations for young families, we’ve got you covered.

From learning a new favourite sport, or just taking time to relax, our list includes something for everyone, catering to both your budget and entertainment preferences. Let’s dive into our curated selection of the best low-cost family vacation activities and discover the ideal family entertainment holidays that promise memories to last a lifetime.

Swimming & Water Slides

We have 3 indoor swimming pools across the two resorts, 2 at the Manor and 1 at Ashbury. Each pool is accompanied by midi slides – perfect for young children. The Manor’s Moorland Pool Complex also features 2 mini slides – ideal for toddlers and 4 flume slides that can be enjoyed by all the family. You can use our swimming pools as much as you choose during your stay – free of charge.

Soft Adventure Fun House

The kids will have a great time racing around our soft adventure fun house. Clambering across rope bridges, diving through roller squeeze reels and shooting down tube slides – perfect fun, whatever the weather. When the sun shines you can also make the most of our outdoor play areas. Our play areas are open throughout the day for you to enjoy as you please – free of charge.

Pedal Karts

Get ready for the Manor Grand Prix. Our instructors will get you kitted up in safety gear and then you’re off. First enjoy a 5-minute practice and then take part in 4 races. The rider with the most points will win a certificate to take home. Sessions take place throughout the week – free of charge.

Games Zone & Ten Pin

The best family activity holidays give you plenty of opportunity to enjoy time together. Our games zones and ten pin offers just this. Enjoy air hockey, pool, XBox competitions, skittles and more. Great fun for everyone, from toddlers to teens and even grown-ups too.

Teddy Creations

We have plenty of craft workshops that everyone can enjoy, but one children’s favourite must be teddy Creations. During the session you choose your bear and customise it with personality traits, costumes, and their very own teddy passport.

Bisque Painting

Bisque painting is another great craft that everyone can enjoy. Choose from our selection of pre-made bisque items and paint at your leisure. Items include figurines, money boxes and decorations.

Adventure Golf

f you enjoy a bit of healthy competition, then be sure to give our adventure golf course a visit. 18-holes are ready and waiting to be navigated. Just make sure to avoid the bunkers and water hazards to score well. Open throughout the day, with no need to book.


If you’re new to racket sports, then pickleball is a great place to start. The rules are simple to understand, and you can be playing in minutes. Pickleball is usually played as doubles and can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.


Take aim and shoot! Archery is a fun introduction to our target sports and can be enjoyed by adults and children over 8 years old. We also offer junior archery for children under 8 years using safety arrows.

Local Attractions

If you decide to head away from the resorts and explore the local area there is plenty to choose from. With multiple beaches within an hour’s drive, walks on Dartmoor and plenty of family theme parks – you are sure to find something for everyone to enjoy.

Published On: 22 February 2024