Our Junior Craft Break Workshops have been carefully curated for children and present an array of exciting activities that not only ignite creativity but also provide a perfect way to spend school holiday breaks. Keep reading for lots of holiday craft ideas that the kids will want to try during their next break.

Teddy Creations: Bringing Cuddly Companions to Life

Among the highlights of our Junior Craft Break Workshops is the Teddy Creations session, a family-friendly workshop that transforms a simple teddy into a cherished companion. With over 10 teddy options to choose from, children get to breathe life into their furry friends by stuffing and dressing them up in a variety of outfits. The workshop finishes with a personalised touch—a name and a passport for their newfound friends. This activity, always popular during kid’s holidays, ensures delightful memories for the little ones.

Age Restriction: Under 14’s must be supervised
Workshop Duration: 45 minutes

Junior Glass Fusion: Artistry in Vivid Colors

Unlock the world of vibrant creativity with the Junior Glass Fusion workshop. Another favourite in our holiday crafts line up, children, aged 4 and above, get the chance to craft their own bespoke coasters or sun-catchers. With a spectrum of vibrant coloured glass, threads, powders, and paint at their disposal, young artists can let their imaginations soar in a 1 hour and 30-minute session that promises not only fun but also the pride of creating their own unique piece of art.

Age Restriction: 4+
Workshop Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Childrens Craft
Kids Craft

Junior Jewellery Making: Adorning Little Wrists with Creativity

For aspiring young jewellery designers aged 5 and above, the Junior Jewellery Making workshop offers the chance to create three distinctive bracelets. From adjustable friendship bracelets to stretchy bracelets and festival-style ribbon wristbands, the kit also includes a bonus ribbon necklace. This 1 hour and 30-minute session provides a perfect avenue for children to express their unique style through wearable art.

Age Restriction: 5+
Workshop Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Bisque Painting: Craft at Your Own Pace

Ideal for families seeking flexibility, Bisque Painting allows junior crafters to unleash their creativity on pre-made bisqueware items (pottery). With hundreds of options available in the craft shop, children can paint at their own pace between 9 am and 5 pm. A fantastic choice for families with varied schedules. There are lots of samples around to help give your little ones holiday craft ideas and inspiration.

No age restriction or workshop booking required
Craft Shop Hours: 9 am – 5 pm

The Manor Resort in Okehampton, with its Junior Craft Break Workshops, invites families to embark on a journey of creativity and fun. From teddy bear companions to vibrant glass creations and personalised jewellery, these workshops ensure that every child leaves with not just a crafted masterpiece but also cherished memories of a truly artistic holiday. Whether under the guidance of an adult or exploring at their own pace, your junior crafters at The are bound to discover the joy of making and the thrill of creating something uniquely their own. Many of our other craft activities can also be enjoyed by children with adult supervision, perfect for the whole family to enjoy together.

Published On: 18 January 2024