Looking for a hotel with a swimming pool and water slides to make your holiday more enjoyable? The Manor & Ashbury Resorts have got you covered! Our resorts feature three large indoor swimming pools and a variety of waterslides perfect for everyone to enjoy. All three pools are heated for year-round use, so you can enjoy a refreshing swim whenever you choose to stay.

We are one of the best pool hotels in the area, and if you’re searching for “hotels with pools near me” or “hotels with swimming pools near me,” you’ll find us at the top of the list. Our hotel pools are the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day of activities.

Let’s take a closer look at each of our pools…

The Ashbury Resort hotel pool can be found in the Moorview Complex. It is an impressive 7.5m x 21m pool and sits alongside its own saunas, steam rooms and jacuzzi. The hotel hydro spa is also conveniently located within the complex, so you can use the facilities at both as you choose. The resort is usually favoured by adults and golfers, and the swimming pool tends to be quieter – perfect if you’re looking to get in a few lengths.

The Manor Resort has two indoor swimming pools on-site.

The Manor Pool is the smaller of the 2, but still an impressive 6m x 12m. The best feature of this pool is its ramp access. Perfect for those with limited mobility, the ramp gradually inclines into the water. Ideal if you’re looking to do some gentle exercise like pool-walking. The pool also has its own sauna, jacuzzi and even a midi-slide for children to enjoy.

The second and most popular swimming pool is the Moorland Pool.

Families love staying with us at the Manor because we’re one of the best family hotels with swimming pools in the area. Our Moorland Pool Complex is designed with families and young swimmers in mind. The main pool is 8m x 20m and offers plenty of space for families and groups to spend time together in the water.

Alongside the swimming pool, there is a children splash pool with 2 midi-slides, and 2 mini slides – perfect for young children to get used to experiencing the water for the first time.

The Moorland Pool complex is also home to our 4 flume slides. The Yellow Plunge, The Green Twister, The Blue Corkscrew and The Purple Boomerang. Suitable for adults and children (over 1m tall), our popular slides are sure to be a hit for the whole family.

And, like both other pools, the Moorland Pool Complex also has a sauna, steam room and its own spa bath. It’s a great place for the whole family to enjoy some time together.

All of the resort swimming pools are open daily from 7am to 7pm, so you can swim as often as you choose throughout your stay with no need to book.

With our variety of amenities, we’re one of the best hotels with a pool in the area. Don’t hesitate to book your stay with us today!

Published On: 27 April 2023